The Simpole / Conway Stewart 100 LE 2014...

23rd July 2014

Late last year, to celebrate the centenary of the F.G. Thomas stationery shop in Sheffield, a Henry Simpole cap-band was commissioned to fit the Conway Stewart 100 range of pens.

FG Thomas commissioned several different variations of the CS 100 pen, but only 30 with the Simpole filigree cap bands, 20 of which are gold plated, and now the other 10 cap bands in 925 silver. Each of the different designs are produced to a limited number of 20, and the barrels are marked accordingly.

Having completed the commission, Henry gained authority to create 5 pens made up for himself, which you can see here, and in the Gallery at the top of the page. These pens are limited to just five, and the barrels are numbered 1-5 accordingly.

Please contact henry direct to purchase one of these subtly striking pens.